peer reviewed articles : 

"'to reach over the border': an international conversation between the bauhaus and devětsil" in umění/art // 2016 (LXiv)

conferences organized : 

"summoning the archive: a symposium on the periodical, printed matter, and digital archiving" at nyu's institute for public knowledge // may 11-13, 2017

digital humanities projects : 

"the european avant-garde in print" with content provided by students at ut-austin, and digital support by reees librarian ian goodale // fall 2016

curated exhibitions : 

BAUHAUS↔VKhUTEMAS: Intersecting Parallels (co-curated with evangelos kotsioris) at the museum of modern art library // sept. 25 - nov. 9, 2018

'optics not phonetics': Avant-garde visual art and the letter (co-curated with hannah mcmurray) at the university of michigan museum of art // fall 2014

Pedagogy :

"digital teaching: mapping networks across avant-garde magazines" for not even past // may 31, 2017 

interview & syllabi in the "poets and power" issue of Europenow journal // march 2017

course trailers :

twentieth century central european literature 

modern women and the arts in europe

(videos produced and edited by irielle wesley)